The form of registration of manufacturers of autospare parts for participation in the tender for selection of suppliers for brand AMD:

Dear manufacturers of autospare parts, company AMD, welcomes you! Having created, brand AMD we want to give to the consumer better quality for smaller money. Our motto – Success begins with quality. We want to inform you that collective of our company creating brand AMD always believed that constant search of new suppliers in the different countries, does our brand more strongly, and its competitiveness raises. We are always very glad to consider the offer of the new manufacturer of autospare parts for brand AMD to receive better quality for smaller money. Our company buys every month brake blocks for the sum more than 200.000$, filters for the sum more than 100.000$, ignition wires for the sum more than 50.000$, приводные belts for the sum more than 50.000$, rollers for приводных belts for the sum more than 50.000$, brake hoses for the sum more than 50.000$, suspension bracket springs for the sum more than 30.000$, сайленблоки for the sum more than 30.000$, brake cylinders for the sum more than 30.000$. And also we constantly expand assortment and we enter new commodity groups. For participation in the tender on selection of suppliers for brand AMD, we ask you to fill the following form by results of which consideration the inquiry will be sent you.
Внимание! На склад поступили товары бренда APR: Брызговики, Защита двигателя, Панели верхнии (клюв), Поворотники, Решетки радиатора, Фары передние, Фары противотуманные, Повторители поворотов в крыле, Решетки радиатора (хром) !
1. You make what group of the goods (note with ticks)*:

2. The name of your company*:
3. A site of company*:
4. A name of the president of the company:
5. A name of the responsible manager for sales department*:
6. E-mail of the sales manager *:
7. What is the country of origin *:
8. In what country it is possible to receive car spare parts*:
9. Exact factory address:
10. How many years the factory is engaged in manufacturing:
11. The suppliers, what brands your factory deals with:
12. What is manufacture area in the factory:
13. How many people work in the factory:
14. What countries does the factory supply with production:
15. Equipment, which is being used in the factory:
16. How many production items the factory produces:
17. Is there a possibility of packaging in AMD package in the factory*:
18. Is there a remained production left (in a warehouse) or you work only according to orders:
19. How much time does it take to produce goods after order is made:
20. Which way does the factory tests the production:
21. Is there a possibility to send samples to Russia before making order:
22. Mark the following car brands with tips, you produce spare parts for:

23. How do you manage production quality control:
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